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honeysucker apparel dress. | wenopia furry backpack. | jeffrey campbell scully heels.

its starting to get a little warmer out here in los angeles and with spring is steadily approaching, i can’t help but obsess over everything pastels. i am in love with this Honeysucker Apparel Dress! it’s flowly, super soft, and pink! there was a lot random twirling going on that day.

photos by: john knight



chola loca 2chola loca 3chola locabella dona la chola loca jumper

when i was a child my grandmother (my mother’s mother) would take care of me while my parents were at work. she’d leave the tv on in the living room for me to watch cartoons, but i preferred listening to her chisme (gossip)  on the phone and get ready for the day. what i remember most was about her daily routine was filling in her eyebrows.  she would walk up to the window to get the best light and looking into compact mirror, making light strokes with a dark brown eyeliner pencil in hand, she would create the most perfect brows i’ve ever seen. and throughout my childhood going to school in compton, i would be surrounded by girls with pencil thin eyebrows and dark lined lips. i guess you could say that i’ve always had a little chola in me.





after recovering from the weekend madness that is IMATS, i’m back in action and with great news! my good friend and super talented makeup artist vanessa gonzalez and i are starting a youtube beauty channel! we’ve spent the past couple days shooting and filming content for our channel and instagram! so be sure to subscribe to Better LATE Than UGLY, follow us on instagram, and stay tuned for our first video!

IMG_3572but back to imats! i was asked by my wonderful friend doe deere, founder and hbic at lime crime, to be a part of the lime crime fam and work their booth for the weekend! i couldn’t have been more happy!  we were swamped all three days, with lines from across the entire exhibition hall and i got to meet some awesome new friends and fans. aside from all of the madness, i had a lot of fun and we definitely had the cutest booth there!


motd33motdddday one
face: kevyn aucoin ‘sensual skin enchancer’ concealer in 2 & 3
brows: anastasia beverly hills dip brow in dark brown

eyes: ‘incantation’ from lime crime alchemy palette with ‘macarooned’ from lime crime palette d’antoinette, lime crime liquid eyeliner in blue milk, mac cosmetics eye kohl in ‘fascinating’
lips: lime crime babette

day two
brows: anastasia beverly hills brow pro palette in ebony
eyes: ‘seahorse discourse’ from lime crime aquataenia palette, lime crime liquid eyeliner in quill



2darkmooncult daisy chain garter set | top, heels & clutch c/o: iron fist clothing 

i practically live in pleated skirts and wide-brimmed hats. the other night someone described my style as “clueless meets the craft.” they are definitely right. if there’s one thing people know about me is that i live my life according to the philosophies of cher horowitz; and as a child of the 90′s, i’ve seen both movies religiously to the point of memorizing from beginning to finish.

i stopped by ironfist hq on friday to visit some of my favorite people and got hooked the fuck up! a few of the pieces that i got the opportunity to style are going to be featured in their upcoming collections.