2darkmooncult daisy chain garter set | top, heels & clutch c/o: iron fist clothing 

i practically live in pleated skirts and wide-brimmed hats. the other night someone described my style as “clueless meets the craft.” they are definitely right. if there’s one thing people know about me is that i live my life according to the philosophies of cher horowitz; and as a child of the 90′s, i’ve seen both movies religiously to the point of memorizing from beginning to finish.

i stopped by ironfist hq on friday to visit some of my favorite people and got hooked the fuck up! a few of the pieces that i got the opportunity to style are going to be featured in their upcoming collections.




3 thoughts on “WITCHING HOUR

    1. luna lovebad Post author

      thanks babe! it’s a sample that i’m hoping they will put into production! it had a different tail but i switched it out with one i had already! xx

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